Study md program at caribbean medical schools

Top Five Reasons to Study MD Program in Caribbean Medical Schools


Study MBBS in USA  is  a common dream to lots of medical aspirants.But the irony is that many students have to abandon their dream because of the  cut throat competitive admission procedure.It is  always recommended for every students not to fragment their dream; rather choose their MD program in Caribbean islands or at Caribbean Medical Schools.Apart from the benefits of affordable costs, there are some incredible reasons to study MD program in Caribbean Islands .This article is for all the medical students who wish to complete their MD course in Caribbean Islands. It is time to take an insight about the benefits for studying in Caribbean Islands.

Study md program at caribbean medical schools

Study MD program in Caribbean Islands : A Deep Insight

  • Integrated Evolution

Every year US medical schools give inordinate pressure on MCI score to their applicants.According to a recent study  and research of , Antigua (AUA) College of Medicine,  that test scores and GPA can’t be a reflection of an applicant’s ability for becoming a successful doctors.Now, AUA concerns about the students who meets with the minimum eligibility or criteria to continue their study in medical field. Caribbean Medical School always give students an opportunity to pursue their passion and determination to fulfill their dream as a doctor.

  • Rolling Admission

The biggest facility to choose a Caribbean Medical School is their admission-expediency.Whereas U.S medical school takes yearly admission for one time only,the Caribbean Medical Schools takes admission for two/three times in a year.In case of skipping deadlines does not take one year from students or doesn’t make themselves wait for the next cycle.It is a time-saving procedure. Apart from this, most of the Caribbean Medical Schools hold the facility of direct admission, admission without application charge without any MCI screening Test.

  • Accelerated Study

It is one of the expedite advantage to pursue study in Caribbean Medical Schools. They provide their accelerated study to students that allow the medical students to  accomplish their pre – medical course within 2 years. The coherent transition of the study program saves at least 2 years from the students.

  • Clinical Research in USA

Most of the Caribbean Medical Schools offers clinical rotations in USA which comprises the last two years of their medical education.During this time ,the students can avail the golden opportunity to  gain hands on medical experience in US & international countries.The clinical rotation is a perfect training tool for practice based learning and improvements of interpersonal and communication skill, professionalism to become the   world-class physicians in future.

  • Graduate success and residency placement

Less competitive admission can’t produce the less competitive placement. The Caribbean Medical School evaluates the application differently and later prepare the students to become graduate in the field of medicine with a above average score . They also provide prestigious  and secure campus/ residency placement for their successful students. That opens a new door of the career of the future physicians.

  • Golden Opportunity to explore Caribbean Islands; The Tropical Paradise

This is a big perk for the students of Caribbean Medical School. Caribbean Islands carry the natural, unique and unspoiled beauty with lots of sight seeing. Secondly, U.S currency is accepted there. It is also a very good travel destination for so many tourist for its alluring weather, pristine beaches and outstanding Eco-system.



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