Why Doctors are Living Gods

Why Doctors are Living Gods

doctors are living gods

Why Doctors are Living Gods

We really cannot see God. But we can define the power of god with several definitions. One among those definitions about God is

“The force that can do and undo anything, who is the final decision maker, whose decision cannot be changed and challenged,who can punish and reward us and he who overcomes miseries, one who created us,  one who rules us, one who forgive all our mistakes, one who saves us from problems, he heal us from all our diseases and reduces our pain”

If we really have belief in God then He will bless us with health and wealth. God will not come to help us directly, but he sends some messengers to help us. For example he created MOTHER to look after us.He created FATHER to take our responsibility.He created TEACHER to guide us.

If we are healthy then we can gain wealth through our hard work. If we believe in ourselves and have faith on god then we can do anything. For this the only thing we need is good health. If we are sick then we can’t do any kind of hard work. So health is the most important wealth for human being blessed by the God. To serve his creatures and to heal patients from pain, God created a messenger called “DOCTOR”.

Being a doctor is never easy. It requires lots of efforts, patience and persistence. Yet there is a power of people who dream big and try hard. Generally, a doctor in USA needs to study 5.5 years in the field of medical and clinical research; but  even after completing the MD Program, a doctor needs to carry the principles of practice for the wellness of patients.


The profession of a DOCTOR is one of the most sacred profession in the world because of the fact that besides God if somebody can save the mankind from suffering and sickness and can give life, it is the DOCTOR. Even in our ancient times when no professionally qualified doctors were there someone used to treat patients with herbal medicines, then also they were being worshiped as next to God.

A well trained qualified doctor can understand the mindset and body condition of patients. Patient feel immediate relief which starts at the time doctor gives a healing touch to the patient.

For God all creatures are equal irrespective of their color, sex, nationality and religion. In the same way all patients are equal for a doctor and his job is to remove miseries of his patients.

Those who aspire to become a doctor first start to love this profession as you will be considered as God. It is not an easy task to serve the people with medical care. One should be honest and grace towards his patients.


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