mbbs in india

Harsh Realities of Pursuing MBBS in India

It is well known undeniable fact that, it’s totally exhausting to acquire a government medical seat in India. One have to get over qualifying marks in NEET in order to get a medical seat in india. it’s not impossible to acquire that a level of score, however the matter is that, there’s no guarantee that one will get free medical seat in an exceedingly smart school even supposing he/she cleared NEET with over qualifying marks,due to lack of medical seats and high competition for those restricted seats. in fact there’s a growth in medical schools in Asian nations however with lack of basic facilities and college amenities.The challenges in medical education in India embraces the fast, uneven growth of medical faculties,the questionable validity of student-selection policies, syllabus goals that area unit infirm centered on health care desires with vital deficiency within the situation year, and a scarcity of college development to fulfill the requirements of the increasing medical faculties.

The quality of medical education in India is additionally marred by the difficulty of tax fee within the non-public sector medical schools. It permits for admission of non-meritorious students into the medical school pass non-public sector, by charging a hefty fee from students with marks below the management quota. It greatly hampers the standard of input into the medical schools and impairs the standard of medical services within the later amount. The allocation of fastened medical seats within the government medical schools to students happiness to bound caste in society additionally raises similar variety of downside.

MBBS Course Duration in India vs MBBS Course Duration in USA:

MBBS course in India is currently for a duration of 5.5 years, which include 4.5 years of curriculum plus 1 year of rotating internship. Indian government has recently added an additional 1 year of internship plus 1 year of rural posting, making MBBS of total 7.5years.

While MBBS course in Caribbean or In USA is for a duration of 5.5 years, which include 1.5 years of Pre-Medical Program followed by 4 years of Basic & Clinical Sciences Course.


Shortage of medical lecturers

Poor situation management.

Poor school development, internal school development activities area unit smallest.

Curriculum is obsolete.

Shortage of clinical material.

For these reasons most of the scholars in India have an interest to pursue medication in an exceedingly broad university like WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY OF BARBADOS that offers smart quality of education with well experience school in a ecologically adorned inexperienced field. So if you too are planning to take up MBBS course, why wait? Enroll Today for Washington University of Barbados and avail the best Medical Education in the Caribbean Islands.


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