Cost of Studying Medicine in USA

Studying Medicine in USA (United States of America) has its advantages – more practical program, abundant research openings, international experience and exposure, develops your self-confidence and diverse career options.

But have you thought about the cost of funding your education from scratch? Don’t worry, we are here to help you analyze every possible situation and put together how much it will cost for you to pursue your education in the field of medicine in the US.

Let’s divide costing into the following categories and details for each follow:

  1. Application charges
  2. Student Visa Application
  3. Tuition fees
  4. Living expenditure
  5. Other Expenses

Application charges

  • Taking the MCAT: $305 (This covers the cost of the exam and delivery of your scores.)
  • Application Fees: $50 to $100 per Medical University or School
  • Courier Charges: Rs.1200 to Rs.1500 per Medical University or School (Universities in the US require copies of your transcripts which are authenticated, recommendation letters, etc.)
  • Other Academic Tests (if required): $100 to $200 per test + $20 per test for score reporting by testing agency

Student Visa Application for USA

Once admissions are done, you are required to apply for a student visa in order for you to enter the United States.

  • Visa fee: $160
  • SEVIS fee: $200

Tuition fees for mbbs in usa:

In the United States, tuition fee depends on the institution you choose to attend – Public or Private Institution. The estimated tuition fee (per year) is as follows:

  • Private Institution: $15000 to $40000 per year
  • Public Institution: $10000 to $30000 per year

Note: The tuition fee is different for different universities. The above costing is an average per year calculation.

Living Expenditure in USA

Average cost of living in USA for students : $10000 to $15000 per year approximately (This cost includes your accommodation, travel, food, some books, some clothing and may be some personal expense too.)

Given below is a range of costs that have been considered while making the above estimates:

  • Books and study materials: $500 to $1000 approximately per year
  • Travel costs within the US: $300 and $700 approximately
  • Room and Board: $3000 and $7500 approximately per year.
  • Food: $2500 per year (for a basic healthy meal)
  • Clothing: $ 500 or more per year
  • Personal expenses: $2000 approximately per year

Other Expenses

  • Air tickets: $500 to $2000 (depending on when you book your tickets)
  • Health and Medical Insurance: $300 to $500 per year per person
  • Car (If required): $4000 a year approximately

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