USMLE Curriculum

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USMLE Curriculum

MBBS in USA is a dream comes true for lots of medical aspirants from India and worldwide. Undoubtedly, there are lots of benefit to study MBBS in USA. First of all, USA’s reputation for higher education is renowned and internationally acclaimed. Secondly, the benediction of culturally diverse community. But one of the most important reason to study MBBS in USA is USMLE curriculum where students can avail the theory of Basic Science along with hands on training with excellent exposure.

Most of the Medical schools in USA follow USMLE approved curriculum. Always an USMLE approved medical college claims upper edge than other colleges in USA. It is always recommended to any medical aspirant to find out such medical colleges in USA which is USMLE recognized. Let’s have a sound conception about USMLE and on which it stands for.

The United States of Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) is a three step examination that assess the doctor’s ability to apply knowledge, concept, and principles and demonstrate to fundamental patient centered skill. USMLE is the path to medical licensure for allopathic physicians in the United States which follows three steps.

USMLE step 1 curriculum

USMLE  Step 1 is Basic science course. It is taken after the completion of Basic Science USMLE syllabus. The step 1 exam is articulated with approximate 325 MCQ questions.  USMLE step 1 syllabus covers the following subjects such as Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems, Skin and Related Connective Tissue, Musculoskeletal System, Respiratory System, Cardiovascular System, Gastrointestinal System, Renal/Urinary System, Reproductive System, Endocrine System. The exam generally follows one day with 18 hours testing session

USMLE Step 2 curriculum

USMLE step 2 is taking under the completation of Clinical Rotation.It is a combination of is CK (Clinical Knowledge) and CS (Clinical Skills). During the second and third step, students can gain the hands on experience on clinical rotation. USMLE step 2 subjects start from Nutritional, Digestive, Abdominal Disorders, Gynaecologic Disorders, Congenital Abnormalities and many more along with mental disorder.

USMLE Step 3 Curriculum

USMLE step 3 is taking during residency program and it is the final sequence. USMLE step 3 exam is conducted on two days followed by the ability to apply the CS (Clinical science). This is the last stage of USMLE syllabus. FIP is regarded as the first day of USMLE step 3 exam and the last day of exam is called as the Advanced Clinical Medicine.


USMLE goal is undoubtedly difficult for any medical aspirants, but as well it is worth of. If you want to do your MBBS in USA and want to start life as a licensed, establish doctor,   then it is mandatory to study MD as per USMLE curriculum. Clinical rotation is the beauty inside USMLE curriculum where medical aspirant can avail the hands on experience to interact with patients. Overall, USMLE curriculum is a lifetime learning, memory and of course, experience.

Doctor in USA

Life as a Doctor in USA

Life as a Doctor in USA

Since a long from today, undoubtedly today it is the question to lots of dreamer to common people, from national to the international edge: ‘How is Life as a doctor in USA? ‘

To know a clear perception, let us discuss the first thing ‘How is the life as doctors?’’  The profession of doctors a pious profession beyond time, age and the boundary of the national and international chain.

Do you remember the doctor’s oath? Each and every medical student in USA needs to take the oath before beginning their career as a physician. They also need to commit that they will maintain their oath as a vital part of their lives as physicians. Stare at a glance on a physician’s oath.

Physician's Oath

In every moment of a doctor’s life, a doctor must be committed to his oath and commitment. Towards every up and down in life, they need to positive to make society better. Trust the self to make the right calls is one among them as well learning from others and develop and open minded attitude to solve the problems is another important part of their life. Of course, it needs creativity, consideration, and open-mindedness. The most important thing what the other people aren’t much conscious about is to respect for your peers. Doctors aren’t perfect as well doctor’s job is not an easy job. There are lots of trials and errors, but of course, collaborative problem-solving skill, building rapport is the essential part of a doctor.

How is the life of a doctor in the USA?

A life as a Doctor in USA depends on several factors or specifications like he is A general practitioner or a specialist or a government employee or he/ she is working on a larger hospital or general hospital.

As per the views on monetary viewpoint, an average physician, and surgeons with specialization can earn make very good money (top 3 to 1 percent of the income scale) but truth is that they also work extremely hard and long hours and have the tremendous responsibility on their shoulders.  Even in a private practice, a specialist surgeon can make $600,000 a year. As per research, doctors’ earnings ranged from about $156,000 a year for pediatricians to about$315,000 for radiologists and orthopedic surgeon.

Life as Doctor in USA is, undoubtedly comfortable, but it demands patience, persistence, hard work and of course, passion. Having an MBBS in USA is not an easy job, but it is, definitely worth of. Pursuing a career path of doctor is not easy, but it is worthwhile!


Caribbean Medical Schools Admission Requirements

Caribbean Medical Schools Admission Requirements

Located at the pristine beach in the tropical paradise;Caribbean Medical School is renowned for academic excellence in medical education. Today, it is a question of lots of worldwide readers about the easiest Caribbean medical school to get into.Check out what is the application procedure of study medicine in Caribbean Islands.

Caribbean Medical Schools

MD Program Admission Requirements: Step to become a Caribbean Medical School student

There are two kinds of MD program in Caribbean Medical School. These are

  1.  5.5 years MD Program  

The 5.5 years MD course includes the first 1.5 years pre-medical course, 2 years basic science course and 2  years clinical rotation course where students can avail the golden opportunity to study in the USA.

Admission Eligibility for  5.5  years MD Program

Candidates need to be at least 17 years of old by the time of admission or by December 31 of the year of admission. Candidates need to have a successful completion of senior secondary school with Physics, Chemistry, Biology.

  1.  4 years MD Program

The 4 years MD course includes the Basic Science Course for 2 years and Clinical Rotation course for 2 years.

Admission Eligibility for  4 years MD Program

Candidates must be 17 years old by the time of admission. Apart from this, candidates need to fill the pre-medical requisite. Students need to have Life Sciences as a Major with minimum subjects ranging from General Biology or Zoology, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry.

Selection Criteria or Admission Requirements 

Aspirants need to fill the form online. No application charge will be charged for  submitting the application form. Students need to fill up the form with accurate details such as personal statement, original transcript with a copy, Two reference letters from academic background, 10  passport size photos with white background, 10 photos 5*5 cm, Original Birth Certificate, Application fees $ 100 by banker’s check

Md Program Admission Procedure

After submitting, the online application form the admission procedure with some steps such as

  •        Counselling

After submitting the application form, applicants will receive the counselor’s guidance which including the important information regarding Caribbean Medical Schools. Applicants are asked to send the academic and other eligibility documents for further processing.

  • Conditional Admission Letter

Applicants will receive a conditional admission letter if all of their documents are verified as per admission rules and regulation. Applicants need to pay 50% of tuition fee to process further and further instructions.

  • Unconditional Admission Letter

For receiving Unconditional Admission letter, students need to pay the full fees and they need to send required document for processing visa.

  • Visa Processing

After sending the visa processing documents, applicants will receive visa with 1 month to 15 days.

  • Fee Submission

Processing fee, application fee and consultancy fee along with air -ticket charges should be paid by the candidates. There are availability/ options to give fees by installments.

  • Arrival of University

They will be received a welcome at the airport by the authorities of the University.

Good to Know

Applicants for non – English country may be asked to submit a test of their proficiency in English. It is also not required if they are from an English medium school.

The eligibility along with admission criteria of Caribbean Medical School is very simple and it plays a beneficial role for medical aspirants. Apart from this, there is the facility of direct admission, no application charge, and no MCI screening test. Caribbean School of Medicine wishes all the medical aspirants worldwide all the best for their future.

Study md program at caribbean medical schools

Top Five Reasons to Study MD Program in Caribbean Medical Schools


Study MBBS in USA  is  a common dream to lots of medical aspirants.But the irony is that many students have to abandon their dream because of the  cut throat competitive admission procedure.It is  always recommended for every students not to fragment their dream; rather choose their MD program in Caribbean islands or at Caribbean Medical Schools.Apart from the benefits of affordable costs, there are some incredible reasons to study MD program in Caribbean Islands .This article is for all the medical students who wish to complete their MD course in Caribbean Islands. It is time to take an insight about the benefits for studying in Caribbean Islands.

Study md program at caribbean medical schools

Study MD program in Caribbean Islands : A Deep Insight

  • Integrated Evolution

Every year US medical schools give inordinate pressure on MCI score to their applicants.According to a recent study  and research of , Antigua (AUA) College of Medicine,  that test scores and GPA can’t be a reflection of an applicant’s ability for becoming a successful doctors.Now, AUA concerns about the students who meets with the minimum eligibility or criteria to continue their study in medical field. Caribbean Medical School always give students an opportunity to pursue their passion and determination to fulfill their dream as a doctor.

  • Rolling Admission

The biggest facility to choose a Caribbean Medical School is their admission-expediency.Whereas U.S medical school takes yearly admission for one time only,the Caribbean Medical Schools takes admission for two/three times in a year.In case of skipping deadlines does not take one year from students or doesn’t make themselves wait for the next cycle.It is a time-saving procedure. Apart from this, most of the Caribbean Medical Schools hold the facility of direct admission, admission without application charge without any MCI screening Test.

  • Accelerated Study

It is one of the expedite advantage to pursue study in Caribbean Medical Schools. They provide their accelerated study to students that allow the medical students to  accomplish their pre – medical course within 2 years. The coherent transition of the study program saves at least 2 years from the students.

  • Clinical Research in USA

Most of the Caribbean Medical Schools offers clinical rotations in USA which comprises the last two years of their medical education.During this time ,the students can avail the golden opportunity to  gain hands on medical experience in US & international countries.The clinical rotation is a perfect training tool for practice based learning and improvements of interpersonal and communication skill, professionalism to become the   world-class physicians in future.

  • Graduate success and residency placement

Less competitive admission can’t produce the less competitive placement. The Caribbean Medical School evaluates the application differently and later prepare the students to become graduate in the field of medicine with a above average score . They also provide prestigious  and secure campus/ residency placement for their successful students. That opens a new door of the career of the future physicians.

  • Golden Opportunity to explore Caribbean Islands; The Tropical Paradise

This is a big perk for the students of Caribbean Medical School. Caribbean Islands carry the natural, unique and unspoiled beauty with lots of sight seeing. Secondly, U.S currency is accepted there. It is also a very good travel destination for so many tourist for its alluring weather, pristine beaches and outstanding Eco-system.


Study MBBS in Abroad

MBBS in Abroad | Admission |MCI Approved |Top Ranked Universities | Low Cost | Indian Students

MBBS Education Overseas: Top Countries to Study MBBS at Low Cost

MBBS in Abroad is not just a dream, it is a way to learn and an eye – opening wonder. Each year, thousands of students decide to choose study medicine in the foreign country for the wide range of substantial benefits that open a wide array of advantages. Undoubtedly, studying abroad is an empowering experience as well it carries a broader spectrum of future opportunities.

Students have other real criteria to Study MBBS in Abroad. Let us consider three options to study medical programs such as Government, Medical College in India, Private Medical colleges, Overseas MBBS Program. It is difficult to get admitted in MCI approved Govt. Medical College in India for its demand of high merit list. The approximate cost of private medical college is 75 lakhs upward, which is inaccessible for many medical aspirants. In regard to these two options, overseas MBBS Program or MBBS in abroad for Indian Students is the best way to follow their dream. Students also can pursue their dream to study in abroad with the help of renowned and established study MBBS abroad consultants. The services include offering admissions in Medical Universities of Caribbean Islands, China, USA, Philippine, Russia.

mbbs in caribbean islands

  • MBBS in Caribbean Islands

Study MBBS in Caribbean Islands carries lots of benefits. It is a great opportunity to explore the beauty of nature with academic excellence. The Best Caribbean Medical Universities are Washington University of Barbados, St.John’s Medical School, AUC Medical School. Pursue MBBS in Caribbean Islands is beneficial as it upholds the benefit of MBBS in Caribbean fee structure which is low and affordable. Apart from this, the advantage of direct admission, no MCI Screening test, USMLE approved syllabus for future career growth of medical aspirants. In totality, MBBS in Caribbean islands for Indian students is an empowering program, a journey of excellence!

Specialty: A taste of Tropical Adventure, humanitarian ecosystem which is important for medical aspirants. Moreover, Medical Colleges in Caribbean carry academic excellence with its all inclusive beauty of nature.


  • MBBS in USA

Study MBBS in USA is a dream comes true for most of the Indian students. MBBS in USA for Indian students is absolutely attractive as USA offers the best medical university to provide the worthwhile experience and right exposure to every medical aspirant. Some top ranking universities to study MBBS in USA are Harvard University, University of Washington, and Stanford University. MBBS in USA admission demands MCAT screening test. If you want to study MBBS in USA at low cost, then it is recommended to apply for the scholarship.

Specialty: Outstanding reputation and a culturally diverse community. Apart from this, the hands on training and excellent exposure is main amenities for doing MBBS in USA.

Study MBBS in Russia

  • MBBS in Russia

Russia is the top destination for MBBS aspirants for its low cost. For pursuing MBBS in Russia, students need to have a minimum of 50% marks taken together in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Apart from this, as per MBBS in Russia eligibility, students need to pass MCI screening test. Apart from this, applicants must complete the age of 17 years on or before 31st December, of the year of admission to the MBBS course. The duration of MBBS in Russia is 5 years. The famous Russian colleges in Russia are National Research Medical University, and Moscow stands at the top of the list of medical colleges in Russia for Indian students. Apart from this, Ryazan Medical University, Crimea Medical University, Crimea, People Friendship University. One of the benefits of the students is, MBBS in Russia needs very low fee structure.

Specialty: Low cost and very affordable fee structure.

Study MBBS in China

  • MBBS in China

Study MBBS in China for Indian students is always an attraction. MBBS in China eligibility requires 50% to 60% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology at the University with the age criteria of 17 years. The renowned medical universities in China are Capital Medical University, China Medical University, Dalian Medical University. MBBS in China reviews denotes a vast interest for Indian students to study MBBS in China.

Specialty: Eligibility criteria are very low in China.

mbbs in philippines

  • MBBS in Philippines

Study medical for Philippines International is a giant career step and a matter of reputation as Philippines universities and colleges are famous for quality and it has sent thousands of doctors to other developed countries. The top listed universities to study MBBS in Philippines are University of Perpetual Help – Las Pinas, AMA College of Medicine – Makati, Manila, AMA College of Medicine – Makati, Manila, Angeles University Foundation, Angeles.The top listed universities are designed to enhance the future career growth for every medical aspirant. Apart from this, Study medicine in Philippines international has other facilities like the direct admission.

Specialty: Outstanding climate and easy admission as no capitation fees as well as no donations to be paid for enrollment.

MBBS in Ukraine

  • MBBS in Ukraine

MBBS in Ukraine is a great option for Indian students to continue their study at MCI approved medical programs at an affordable rate. The MBBS course duration Ukraine is 6 years. Zaporozhye State Medical University, Odessa State Medical University are the most eminent universities in Ukraine.Every year, MBBS in Ukraine reviews get a viewpoint for the huge amount of the medical college list in Ukraine with low fee structure.

Specialty: Low cost medical colleges with very attractive fee structure

These are the top listed countries carry highly important consideration while choosing study medicine abroad. Studying MBBS in foreign is not a myth now; rather it brings a proper value to offer you a bright and brilliant career.


Why Doctors are Living Gods

Why Doctors are Living Gods

doctors are living gods

Why Doctors are Living Gods

We really cannot see God. But we can define the power of god with several definitions. One among those definitions about God is

“The force that can do and undo anything, who is the final decision maker, whose decision cannot be changed and challenged,who can punish and reward us and he who overcomes miseries, one who created us,  one who rules us, one who forgive all our mistakes, one who saves us from problems, he heal us from all our diseases and reduces our pain”

If we really have belief in God then He will bless us with health and wealth. God will not come to help us directly, but he sends some messengers to help us. For example he created MOTHER to look after us.He created FATHER to take our responsibility.He created TEACHER to guide us.

If we are healthy then we can gain wealth through our hard work. If we believe in ourselves and have faith on god then we can do anything. For this the only thing we need is good health. If we are sick then we can’t do any kind of hard work. So health is the most important wealth for human being blessed by the God. To serve his creatures and to heal patients from pain, God created a messenger called “DOCTOR”.

Being a doctor is never easy. It requires lots of efforts, patience and persistence. Yet there is a power of people who dream big and try hard. Generally, a doctor in USA needs to study 5.5 years in the field of medical and clinical research; but  even after completing the MD Program, a doctor needs to carry the principles of practice for the wellness of patients.


The profession of a DOCTOR is one of the most sacred profession in the world because of the fact that besides God if somebody can save the mankind from suffering and sickness and can give life, it is the DOCTOR. Even in our ancient times when no professionally qualified doctors were there someone used to treat patients with herbal medicines, then also they were being worshiped as next to God.

A well trained qualified doctor can understand the mindset and body condition of patients. Patient feel immediate relief which starts at the time doctor gives a healing touch to the patient.

For God all creatures are equal irrespective of their color, sex, nationality and religion. In the same way all patients are equal for a doctor and his job is to remove miseries of his patients.

Those who aspire to become a doctor first start to love this profession as you will be considered as God. It is not an easy task to serve the people with medical care. One should be honest and grace towards his patients.

becoming a doctor


Well, this is often a matter arising in the mind of the many who dream to pursue a medical degree, the answer is be NO.

There are several universities in the countries like China, Russia, Philippines, and in some parts of America and therefore the Caribbean that offers a awfully low and reasonable fee structure. Most of these universities provide the best quality education with a USMLE based curriculum. These universities are even been recognized with necessary accreditations throughout world.

Universities situated within the Southern and the Northern parts of America (America, excluding the U.S.A) provides the scholars with an inexpensive fee structure and even with an opportunity to practice within the US through their USMLE based curriculum. They even serve with associate degree choice for the scholars to complete their clinical rotations within the hospitals related to by the revered university within the US.

Completion of the Clinical Rotations in the US needs USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) to be cleared, thus the scholars are even schooled concerning the USMLE by most of the faculty who themselves are USMLE certified.

Thus, the cracking of all the steps of USMLE, trained in the respected university can facilitate students to place their path towards practicing in the United States and serves a great help in pursuing a globalized license through USMLE.

Some of these universities don’t contemplate any of the doorway exams, such as, MCAT, NMAT and etc. And if the question is of the standard of education, they supply the simplest of it.

Well, if it’s India, then as a result of lack of medical seats, it’s been damn troublesome for the scholars even with rich fathers to get into it. It needs plenty effort and hard work to crack NEET with high scores for a good medical faculty in India while not donation. Medical students are even provided with varied scholarships, not solely in India, however even in the abroad.

“If you dream to become a doctor, nothing matters except the education”